Cross-European River Travel is Easy and Enjoyable |

As for many travelers, the idea of a cruise vacations may automatically conjure images of equatorial islands and cocktails sipped on the deck from a big oceangoing vessel. While this is a big component of cruises, there is a little-known alternative that is bound to delight you: European river travel.

Regardless of whether you are new to cruising on ships or if it is an activity you have indulged in often, one advantage of European river travel is that it’s an activity that you can enjoy in every season, unlike tropical cruises.

Plus, with European river travel you will be able to visit many magnificent but little known places and sights, mostly inaccessible even to a standard Atlantic or Mediterranean cruise, while avoiding automotive traffic, airports, and big tourist crowds.

Most European river travel will involve visiting beautiful cities such as Vienna, Regensburg or Strasbourg, but you will also have a chance to sample nature’s delights in beautiful protected parks, and if you like mountains, the Alps and the Carpathians could only be a day trip away from your cruise boat!

There are lots of options for European river travel, both for the busy traveler who just needs a relaxing add-on to an existing trip, and to the leisured voyager who can take off weeks at a time to cruise at a slow pace. While self-catering options with small boats are available most river cruise ships on Europe’s rivers are outright floating hotels.

If you want to go the full way, the best trip that you can go on is a one-month voyage across the continent’s main rivers, the Rhine and the Danube, which are connected by canals in southern Germany. With this kind of trip, European river travel will take you all the way from Holland to the Black Sea.

There will be plenty to see on such a trip, from the magical shores of the Black Forest to the enchanting frontier area between France and Germany, to splendid cities such as Vienna, the ancient capital of the Habsburg Empire that used to stretch across all of middle Europe.

If you are already accustomed to cruises on big liners, you will be pleasantly surprised by the pace and also at the level of personal attention that the ship crew will be able to give you on European river travel. As the groups of passengers are smaller, much more will be done to make sure that you will feel individually well cared for.

The region truly has a lot to offer to the discerning traveler who likes to enjoy refined culture, entertainment, and cuisine at a pleasant pace. And in fact, maybe after such a momentous trip you may even decide to come back for more European river travel on the continent’s other rivers.

Whether to Book Holidays Online Or Through a Travel Agent? |

Booking holidays now-a-days has undergone a dramatic change. Gone are the days when we have to rely on the travel agents to find an exceptional holiday deal to book flights, hotels, car rentals and cruise of our choice. In the past as soon as we were beaten by the travel bug, we start wandering in the high street to locate good and reliable travel agents, glance through their brochures, compare the prices and also look in newspaper dailies in an endeavor to get a great travel deal.

Travel agents used to offer special holiday packages and extend discounts mostly on group booking during school holidays etc. We also had to depend on travel agents, magazines, television, family and friends, even in choosing a good holiday destination. Most of the beautiful destinations were alien to a majority of people.

But all this scenario changed overnight with the coming up of the internet. Now just with a single mouse click we are able to search and book flights, hotels, cruise and car rentals within no time. We can read visitors reviews of a particular hotel before booking and can expect what is in store for us in that hotel. There are thousands of e-books and audio books waiting for us to be explored.

We can easily and quickly compare prices of our travel. There are several sites which can search for a reliable and budget travel for us. Online booking through net has become a child’s affair. Booking travel online has become better with every passing day. There are times when we book a particular hotel, we had heard a bad review of the hotel, but when we actually stay there we find our experience far better than the review we had glanced through on the internet. Why this happens? This could be due to that the experiences of people vary from person to person and according to their taste.

As the whole word is going through recession, prices of various hotels, flights have come down drastically, it is now time to check online websites that are offering good deals on hotel, flights and cruise. In a nutshell it can be said that it is high time to book your holidays online for your business or leisure travel and don’t forget to check their offer time and again, who knows you get a best surprise deal.

Our verdict: Online booking is cheaper and convenient than going to a travel agent for booking your holiday or business travel.